Quality indicators above current national standards

The SMIT Group produces a full range of pipes, fittings and accessories for thermally insulated pipelines.
We control the production process of products at all stages, from design to technical support. You will receive products whose quality indicators are higher than the current national standards.

The centralized structure of SMITH allows us to handle the most complex jobs, large orders and shorten delivery times for finished products.

Modern equipment

We use the equipment of the world's best manufacturers, including those made in accordance with our requirements.

Our partners include Krauss Maffei, Spiro, KWH Pipe, Cincinnati, Canon, Widos, Bomar Transvers, EWM, Esab, Lincoln Electric, OTECO, Lindab, ROCCIA and others.

Own railway line greatly simplifies the process of shipment and delivery of products to the customer and saves time.

We use:

  • specialized equipment for the manufacture of spiral-wound galvanized
  • shells, for pipelines of heating networks,
  • welding equipment for butt welding of a polyethylene shell up to a diameter of 1600 mm,
  • equipment for welding metals with digital program control,
  • pouring machines (on cyclopentane),
  • shot blasting machines,
  • equipment for plasma and gas cutting of pipes and sheet metal cutting,
  • rollers (for the production of shells for sector bends with a wall thickness of up to 22 mm).



Unique equipment allows us to successfully implement the technologies of the 21st century and compete with the world's leading manufacturers of thermally waterproofed pipes.

The production process of SMITH pipes consists of the following main steps:

  • Input control of raw materials and supplies.
  • Shot blasting of steel pipe.
  • Assembly of the structure (fixation of centralizers on a steel pipe, pulling of copper wires of SODK, storage of a steel pipe in a waterproof shell).
  • Heating of a prefabricated structure in a thermal stabilization chamber.
  • Filling the annular space with foamed polyurethane foam based on cyclopentane.
  • SODK control.
  • OTC check.

The manufacturing process of shaped products includes additional operations:

  • Cut steel pipes into sectors on automatic plasma cutting machines.
  • Welding in mixtures of protective gases Ag + CO2.
  • 100% ultrasonic inspection of welds.
  • Butt welding of polyethylene.

We use advanced technologies for welding galvanized steels, based on the results of scientific research by leading experts in the welding industry SMITH.

We were able to achieve maximum corrosion resistance of steel elements of fittings of galvanized steel pipelines.

The reliability of the pipeline during the entire period of operation is guaranteed by:

1. foaming polyurethane foam based on cyclopentane,
2. 5 ways to weld metals,
3. high quality metal welding,
4. 100% ultrasonic testing of pipeline welds,
5. high-quality butt welding of polyethylene pipes up to a diameter of 1600 mm,
6. production of galvanized insulation plugs, fixed supports, end elements using heat-shrinkable sockets,
7. production of heat-shrinkable one-piece sleeves up to a diameter of 1600 mm, successfully tested for 2000 operating cycles.

SMIT has certified and implemented five welding methods:

1. manual arc welding with coated electrodes,
2. mechanized arc welding in the atmosphere of shielding gases Ag+CO2,
3.automatic submerged arc welding,
4. combined welding using mechanized and automatic submerged arc welding,
5. contact butt welding.



SMIT-Yartsevo is the only company in Russia that has successfully mastered the technology of foaming polyurethane foam based on cyclopentane (С5Н10). This technology is widely used by world manufacturers of heat-insulated pipelines.

Cyclopentane ensures the stability of the thermal insulation properties of polyurethane foam for 30 years at a constant coolant temperature of 160 ° C and increases the thermal efficiency of the pipe insulation (up to 0.027 W / (m * K)).

The use of C5H10 in production maintains the stability of the thermal conductivity throughout the pipeline's normal life. This reduces costs and ensures the maximum resource of heating networks.

Foaming of polyurethane foam based on cyclopentane complies with international environmental safety requirements.