SMITH -Group history


The SMIT Group establishes the first Polymer Pipe Plant in Mogilev, Republic of Belarus.
Puts into commercial operation a shop for the production of polyurethane foam pipes and fittings. Starts pre-production
pipes insulated with polyurethane foam.


SMIT Group starts expansion strategy, 2 companies are opened: Construction and Installation Department and Pipeline Completion Service of the Polymer Pipe Plant.


The SMIT Group opens its base production in Russia in the Smolensk region - the SMIT-Yartsevo company, using world-class technologies.


The SMIT-Yartsevo company launches the first automated line for the production of a polyethylene sheath pipe.


The SMIT Group continues its strategy of increasing production capacity. Shops for the production of pipes and fittings industrially insulated with polyurethane foam are being put into operation.


The SMIT Group expands its product range and opens the Rechitsa Polymer Pipe Plant, shops for the production of metal structures, heat-shrinkable sleeves and galvanized pipe-shell.


The presence of SMIT in the Central Federal District and on the federal market of energy-saving technologies is increasing. For large-scale sales of the Group's products in Moscow and the Moscow region, the Trading House SMIT is opened in Moscow.


The SMIT Group is restructuring its structure to focus on strategic industry customers and end-to-end solutions. An own specialized construction and installation department is being created for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of heating mains and SMIT-Izolyatsia (production and sale of couplings and GLC)


For the first time in Russia, the SMIT group is mastering the advanced technology of foaming polyurethane foam based on cyclopentane on an industrial scale. SMIT is the only company in Russia using this technology. A workshop for the production of flexible pre-insulated pipes “SMITHFLEX” is being launched at the Polymer Pipe Plant. A representative office of SMITH-GROUP-Moscow is opened.


The trademark "SMIT" international (WIPO) was registered for the countries of Russia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden


SKT Uniplast (a resident of FEZ Mogilev) became part of SMIT Group, acquiring a 100% stake in the Manufacturer of pipes made of polypropylene with a double structured wall for non-pressure underground sewerage systems (BRAND COREX)


A trading and manufacturing enterprise was opened in Kazakhstan SMIT-Kazakhstan (Astana)


The 20th anniversary of SMIT Group is celebrated by expanding the geography of production to the east of the Russian Federation, in the Special Economic Zone "Alabuga" (Tatarstan) at the SMIT enterprise (a resident of the SEZ) in June, the production of PPU pipes was opened


SMIT-Yartsevo launched a line for applying an external anti-corrosion epoxy coating on steel pipes for the transportation of oil and oil products. Products have been certified by Rosneft


SMIT-Yartsevo launched an X-ray (X-ray) quality control unit for welded seams)


SMIT-Izolyatsia launched the production of innovative transparent heat-shrink sleeves for heat supply pipelines


Development of the direction of production of tubular products for the transportation of oil and gas


Merger of the SMIT Group with the Polyplastic Group


Expansion of production capacities through new production sites in Russia