• Simplification of construction through the use of all elements of the pipeline with industrial, i.e., manufactured in the factory, hydrothermal insulation
  • Simplification of operation and repair of the pipeline due to the reliability of the design and the presence of SODK
  • Increased service life up to 30 years compared to traditional types of pipelines, which is 5-10 years
  • Reduction of heat losses up to 8% compared to heat losses in pipelines with traditional type of insulation (30-40%)
  • Reducing costs: capital - by 5-7 times, since the construction of reinforced concrete channels and chambers for valves is not required; operational - 9 times; repair - 3 times due to the presence of SODK

Pipes, fittings and valves pre-insulated with polyurethane foam from 32 to 1420 mm

The hydrothermal insulation system of pipes and products in polyurethane foam insulation is a rigid “pipe in pipe” structure, consisting of a working steel or galvanized steel pipe, a layer of polyurethane foam insulation and an outer waterproof sheath made of thermolight-stabilized polyethylene grade PE 80, PE 100 according to GOST 18599 for underground channelless laying or thin-sheet galvanized steel according to GOST 14918 - for above-ground laying.

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