We want to be sure that we will not let our customers down and that the quality of the supplied SMITH products will be impeccable. Therefore, we control its production at every stage.

More than 60 professionals work in the SMIT quality service. The service has at its disposal certified non-destructive testing laboratories, a factory testing laboratory and technical control departments.

  • Organization of strict incoming control of raw materials and materials
  • 100% operational control during production
  • Continuous improvement of the technological and organizational process
  • Conscientious attitude to their activities and respect for the results of their work

Conducts ultrasonic, capillary testing of welded joints, monitors compliance with the welding process. All laboratory equipment is included in the state register of measuring instruments and is provided with the necessary technological, methodological and regulatory and technical documentation.

The internal quality standard of SMIT products ensures reliable and safe operation, as well as an increase in the service life of pipelines.


Carries out input control of raw materials: polyethylene, polyurethane foam, as well as finished products. The organization of input control at the SMIT production eliminates the possibility of recycled steel pipes getting into production. According to the results of the test analysis, measures are taken to improve the quality of products.


Performs operational control directly at the production sites.

This is how we ensure high-quality fulfillment of the requirements of the technological process.

On all heating mains, which are mounted by specialists of SMIT construction and assembly companies, we control the production of assembly welded joints.

Specialists of the SMIT Group of Companies are improving their approaches to managing production processes and quality management. We support the principle of uncompromising quality and uniform high standards for products within the entire SMIT group.